Tell us what you think about Tellonym! We speak English and German. 😇

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PLEASE Remove the like button, it’s unnecessary and i accidentally liked someone’s tell and they prolly know it was me who was sending all them tells now 🤦‍♂️
We are actually thinking about that right now, maybe replacing the like with something else or just displaying how often a Tell was seen or something like that - it actually would be interesting what you guys think about that, would be happy if you write us a Tell with your opinion! (please in English or German)
How come i automatically follow u but u dont follow me :-<
ur right, that’s unfair, give me ur username and we change that!
Wäre eine Partnerschaft mit Instagram im Bereich des möglichen ? Man sieht ja immer wie Leute die Fragen von tellonym in ihren storys Posten. Vielleicht gibt es da eine einfachere Möglichkeit, anstatt immer die Frage zu screenshoten 😇😇
We are working on options to improve instagram sharing - be ready for something cool in the next few weeks ❤️
Hi so i want to suggest "Tellonym" to do respond to people across Twitter in our accounts so we can response easier and faster please?🙄💓 if i'm saying something wrong i'm sorry my English is not much good i wish you respond to my suggestion thank you so much
Hi We do have our Twitter users in mind and will work on a few stuff to improve sharing there! But it will take a bit of time i guess, the next few updates will be mainly about improving the current stuff
friends unable to get to my tellonym after clicking the link on my instagram bio. it directs them to instagram again
this seems to be an instagram problem right know, we can’t do anything against this apparently. Had the same with a youtube link right now :/
Could you make a feature where you can switch between Tellonym accounts?
sure, we already have that in mind. Working currently on a few other interesting ideas, more on that soon! ✌🏼
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