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Will there every be a setting that the other person that is sending you a tell can press so thet they can show who sent you the tell? Because I want to send someone a tell but i want them to know that its me.
that’s a cool idea. Revealing yourself after some time... other opinions about that?
What's up?
Tomorrow at 1am UTC (in around 7 hours) there will be a downtime of 3 hours to improve our servers. Thank you for understanding. Check Twitter for updates 😇
Since when was there ads between the Tellonym messages? :( It’s hard to respond to people on Instagram now when I wanna answer on my story.
Totally understand this! We had to integrate ads to make sure we can pay all the server costs & grow our team to provide you with an even better app! You can share answers on Instagram without any ads by answering the messages in your Tellonym app and then a tab on the instagram button.
How does sharing on Twitter work? I doesn't understand ??
It‘s super easy! Just click on the twitter icon when you answer a Tell in your app and send it. It requests you to connect your Twitter account and then shares it automatically as a super nice picture on Twitter!
Can you add Italian as language? I could help if needed with the traduction.
We‘re working on an Italian translation - coming soon! :)
Is there a glitch to find out who sent you the meessage?đŸ€·â€â™€ïž
no there is not. And there never will be one. Never give your credentials to any page that promises you to expose senders because they don’t work.
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