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How do I see if someone has replied to a message I’ve sent to them on this
You receive notifications right now for that. We are planning to integrate a list of all sent tells with some interesting new mechanics!
Is there a glitch or anything where you can see who wrote you a tell.Cause I want to write something to someone but I'm worried they'll see who wrote it.
No there is not. Nobody will be ever able to see who wrote anonymous Tells as long as you don’t hurt your countries laws!
Wie wÀre es mit einer Funktion,wo Mann ein stellen kann das ein oder mehrere Wörter auf die Black list setzen kann und wenn das Wort in einem Kommentar/Nachricht vor kommt das sie automatisch gelöscht wird
Bsp: das Wort mathe ist auf der Black list sprich wenn jetzt jemand schreibt
Ich liebe Mathe
Das die Nachricht automatisch gelöscht wird WÀre so was möglich ?
We do have that feature in our app! Just go settings > Wordfilter and add the words you don’t want to receive anymore.
ok, I just wanted to thank you for your service. đŸ’« I may send a tell, and you may not answer because your too busy maintaining the app for your users, which is great. if this is replied to, I just wanted to tell everyone that if your tell isn’t replied too, just remember that they are trying to make every user happy with the app by taking their ideas. And don’t worry! They may answer you sometime, so just be patient! anyway, thank you, Tellonym Team!
We appreciate your understanding! - ur totally right, we take every idea but answer only occasionally to not spam all of you 😇
Can you add a feature where you can see the tells you've sent but people haven't replied to?
that’s a good idea - like this post if you like the idea as well
Hello! It might be a good idea to create a feature where tells containing certain words or phrases are automatically filtered? I run a lgbtq+ account and it would be nice if offensive tells weren’t sent through!
we do have several filters for that, in the next update you will be able to customize the sensitivity of those filters. besides that, you can always add words to the current wordfilter.
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