Tell us what you think about Tellonym! We speak English and German. 😇

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Can I just say shoutout to the people who are running Tellonym & answering our tells 🤩❤️, like y’all show you care & do your best to improve the app , I’ve sent a tell before about a problem & y’all fixed it right away like bless you & I love this app ❤️
love to hear that!
our app grew because we were always close to our community and gave our best to understand what and why you guys want different things. of course we can’t build every feature that is requested but we‘re eager to stay as close as possible to our community ❤️

So, I‘d love to hear suggestions, issues you have right now and just feedback from all of you 😇
Woah I can I just say something weird, I had a nightmare last night that you guys did a update where you could see what people said & then I look on here and you answer a tell saying that would never happen 🌚 like thankfully lmao I don’t think ima have that nightmare again 😳😭❤️
haha we got ur back 💋
Is there ever a day when u get to see who said anything ?
No, there will never be even a second where we reveal who sent something 😇
Hey can you work on a translation thing for us ?
which languages are important to you? Write a Tell with your language ✌️
Hey, I really like this app, but I have an idea, can you make it so you can change the color? I don't like pink or white. I like your logo though! So, keep it like that. Just, please give the option of color change.
There is a dark mode in the settings which basically changes the colors into dark ones (way less pink)
Noooo why did you bring the update backkk? I’ve used this app for months now & been suggesting it to all my friends but I really don’t wanna use it if people in my area can see my profile. 😕
the label is misleading right now - it’s not based on location anymore, it’s based on who your friends are following
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